5 Things You Need To Know about FIFA 16 Women’s Football

By this time you should have at least heard about FIFA 16 having Women’s football as everyone is talking about it. But do you know what exactly will be in FIFA 16 Women’s Football?

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Here are 5 Things You Need To Know about FIFA 16 Women’s Football

  1. So, the first thing you need to know is there will be twelve international women’s national team. The available teams are Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico. And, there will be separate mode to play. You can start a tournament or just play an exhibition match
  2. The second thing you need to know is there is a remodelled rating system for Women’s game. That means that an 80 rated female player will not be same as an 80 rated male player. EA has not enabled men and female playing in the same game as all EA talks about is authenticity of the game. The remodelled rating system for Women excludes some factors like strength and physical as they are not prime attributes in women’s game.
  3. You might be thinking Why release Women’s Football in FIFA now? Actually, EA has been talking about adding Women’s football in FIFA for a long time. They delayed it because they did not have any interference engine and they wanted complete authenticity. Fun Fact: EA previously tried placing women’s face in men’s body but later realized that the game style would not match.
  4. EA introduced a new technology; Smart Body Scaling for Women’s Football. What this does is measures each part of the body and make smart calculations to find a right proportion in the body engine. For male body it was easy and a previous engines but it was difficult to make women’s body right.
  5. Women’s Football is completely different from men’s game. This means it will be a completely new game play style you will experience. For instance, the game play will be slower.

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