Senegal star Sadio Mane ruled out of World Cup with a leg injury

where the river meets the ocean in Senegal’s cine Saloon Delta lies the village of bombardier hometown of a football Giant sajomani this is where it all started for him on this pitch playing without boots or shin guards money would skip school on practice day and night hour after hour determined to be faster more robust and more agile constantly challenging himself hoping to follow in his footsteps is 13 year old nyali Gomez I want to become like radio Mane and become a significant player so that one day people will watch me on TV and a full Stadium will call my name from Hambali to Liverpool and

Munich money made history leading Senegal to victory at the Africa Cup of Nations but a recent injury to his knee means he’s not in Qatar with the Lions of Tauranga it’s as if Mumbai is in mourning praying for money and for the national team his childhood friend is overwhelmed with emotion it’s excruciating to realize that a style like sajomani will not play this world cup it’s a blow to the entire nation he then addresses money

if you are listening I hope that God protects and supports you you will heal we are here for you and he is here for them money has built a hospital schools a fuel station he’s brought electricity to bomb and wants to pave the roads at religious celebrations he contributes to each household Sergio Monet is using his wealth to change the lives of his people and while he’ll be absent for this world cup his legacy goes beyond football to what he does off the pitch and that’s an example that young people here want to follow no it’s less the fame of football and more

the desire to give back motivates these young players and the dream of one day representing their country together they chant for the national team a traditional song used as a right of passage don’t be afraid they sing there is nothing to lose move forward Victory is to come to Nicholas Hawk Al Jazeera Hambali Senegal

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