FIFA world cup 2022: 5 New Rules Introduced in world cup 2022

this year in Qatar is going to be different from all other world cup tournaments in various ways to start with we already know that time and place are different we’re used to the world cup being played in the summer at the end of the European season but this time around the tournament will be held mid-season during fall also as you probably already know this will be the first time an Arab nation will host the FIFA world cup 2022 but guess what when the tournament starts in November time and place will be the new things you’re least concerned about you want to know why because new rules are being introduced in Qatar this year did we hear you ask what those rules might come along with us as we look at five new rules introduced to the FIFA world cup 2022

Rule No 1 five substitutions

now this may not look new to you because you’re already used to seeing it in UEFA competitions and even in some local leagues but this year will be the first time that the world cup will allow teams to make five substitutions during every game those five subs will have to be made in three windows and each team gets an extra substitute if the game goes into extra time don’t take this change for granted teams with deep squads know how very advantageous this can be when they find themselves in difficult situations and of course players will love this one because it means more players who originally would not have ever come off the bench throughout the whole tournament will get the opportunity to feature with more subs being able to come

Rule No. 2 semi-automated offside technology

video assistant referees were introduced to the world cup in 2018 and just four years later we already have an upgrade to the technology in this year’s edition we’ll be seeing advanced technology being employed in making offsite calls reports say that this new system will cut down the time it takes var to make an offside call from an average of 70 seconds at the moment to around 20.

according to Arsene Wenger who is now FIFA’s chief of global football development this new technology will operate similarly to the goal line technology here the linesman will wear a watch where he gets an almost immediate signal if a player is caught offside a 3d animation depicting the offside will be displayed on the big screen in the stadium and of course on the tv screens for the viewers at home

how did it work?

there will be about 12 cameras fitted under the roofs of the stadiums in Qatar and those cameras will be tracking 29 different parts of every player’s body in addition to that the match balls will be fitted with sensors that collect different data points about 500 times per second all that data is then fed to the guys in the var room who then send the correct call to the linesman on the pitch via that watch all this will happen in a matter of seconds we’re excited to see how this will play out in Qatar because honestly, fans around the world are just sick to death of how long it takes var to detect offside calls

Rule No.3 expanded roster

expanded roster 2022 will see more players at the world cup than in any other addition first of all the number of eligible players required from each national team has been expanded to 55 it was a maximum of 35 for the 2018 world cup then teams will now be required to bring forward a final 26 man list of players who will be going to the tournament this is an upgrade from the 23-man squad required in previous tournaments why were these changes introduced well FIFA said those changes were necessary given the need to retain additional flexibility due to the unique timing of the FIFA world cup 2022 in the global calendar as well as the broader context of the disruptive effects caused by the solid 19 pandemic on squads before and during tournaments so that suggests that things will revert to normal for the 2026 edition we’re not very sure about that but we’ll just have to wait and see if they can put the genie back in the bottle

Rule No.4 foot on the line rule

foot on the line rule just like the five subs rule another change might not look so new to you at the world cup because they’ve already been implemented elsewhere but as far as the FIFA world cup is concerned 2022 will be the first time that goalkeepers are required to have at least some part of their foot on the line at a point when a penalty is taken we all know how many penalty retakes and even cautions this same rule has produced in league and champions league.

Rule No.5 female referees

female referees for the first time we’ll be seeing female referees officiate games at the world cup already Stephanie flapper of France Selima mukansanga of Rwanda and Yoshimi Yamashita of japan have been confirmed as the first women who will officiate games at the men’s FIFA world cup tournament there will also be three female assistant refs at the world cup in Qatar and we know you are already used to seeing female assistant refs in the premier league and the champions league but this will be the first time a men’s world cup tournament will have female assistant refs these new rules changes and upgrades we expect to see at the world cup in Qatar are doing nothing but making us a lot more eager for November to come we anticipate a new looking world cup tournament

we’re excited about that what about you if you are excited to get yourself in the comments and tell us which new rule you’re looking forward to seeing implemented at the tournament

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