FIFA 16 UEFA & NASL License Rumors

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Another rumor goes hot for FIFA 16. PES(Pro Evolution Soccer) license is the cause of rumor which is currently owned by Konami and EA Sports are eying to control Konami license for upcoming FIFA 16.

Though this hot talk is not new as this topic had been a conflict between EA and konami. Since 2009 its under Konami’s control. The ibtimes has reported that, there is a possibility of EA wresting control of UEFA licence for the game. Currently there is no official statement regarding such a move either by EA or Konami, which could clear all the doubt and rumors.about the renewal of license.

FIFA 16 UEFA & NASL License

As per now EA has Champions and European Cup tournaments license and if EA holds UEFA licence, than it might replace the champion and European cup with the introduction on career mode. It  might also come out with a UEFA DLC.

Another rumors also comes by Brazilian blogger according the ibtimes, who claimed that were talks between EA and North American Soccer League (NASL) and discussion was about the inclusion of NASL’s lower division and Major League Soccer in FIFA 16.

So FIFA 16 is full of rumors which will be all droned in the E3 conference 2015 which is very close to be hold and E3 conference will clear all the mist and rumors for FIFA 16.

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Source – Ibtimes

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