FIFA 16 To Be Announced In June 2015 At E3?

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FIFA 16 To Be Announced In June 2015 At E3FIFA 15 is gaining a lot of boom as in PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC console. FIFA 15 came with a tag line “FEEL THE GAME”. EA has done a lot of effort to stand by this line and it has also succeeded in his goal, as FIFA 15 is more real and has lively environment with its the most attractive feature of FIFA 15, though various leagues are also added in the game.

FIFA 16 is very likely to be announced in June 2015 at E3 conference as this the traditional podium for EA to announce its new game release. FIFA 15 was also announced at E3 conference only. Along with the new FIFA various other games are also announced by EA.

At E3 conference they release the first gameplay trailer of the game and then they point out the main features which form the base of a new version of the game.

Moore gave many hints directly or indirectly about the continuation of FIFA series even after FIFA 16. He explains how EA develops any game. He said it’s not just one team, which keeps on doing hard work for a whole year on the current and the next version. Instead, there are various teams which keep on doing work concurrently.

Moore says:

“There are two phases to development. There’s the core game itself. We have several hundred people working on that and it’s a staggered development process, so there are already people working on FIFA 16.”

This statement says a lot about FIFA 16, as firstly it officially confirms development of FIFA 16 and in later statements he also points towards FIFA 17, which rakes our expectation very high as it forces us to ask question that what is going to be in FIFA 16 or what changes will be appearing FIFA 17.

FIFA 15 was launched on September 23 2014, and the expected date of FIFA 16 release will be around September 2015. FIFA announced its new game at E3 conference, where company reveals screenshot, gameplay trailer and key features of the game.

So right now we know, FIFA 16 is under development and developers are doing a lot of work for its release in September 2015(most probably). Hence stay connected for more updates as time follows.

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